Three Convictions of Church Planting

LINC-UP's Goal for Every Church Plant
Three Convictions
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When God establishes a new church among an unreached people group, it should be a native church led by native pastors and leaders. Foreign missionaries attempt to work themselves out of a job by being replaced with equipped national leaders. Nationals can naturally reach their own people more effectively than an outsider. The goal of every team, project, initiative, and missionary should be to see an indigenous church planting movement begin among the host culture.

Churches and mission teams from America that do not approach different cultures with wisdom risk reducing the Great Commission to a welfare assistance or a hand-out program. Our mission teams, whether they are indigenous believers or U.S. teams, do nothing to create dependency within the host culture upon outside or foreign resources.
Everything that we do must be reproducible within host culture. If a strategy or practice fails the test of infinite reproducibility, it should not be used due to the fact that it will most certainly cause dependency. LINC-UP Missions only expends ministry resources and employs methodologies which can be reproduced by the people. We believe that this is the only way to insure that disciples and churches reproduce themselves.

Content adapted from “Playing Both Sides of the Fence: A Missionary’s Journey in Search of the Supra-Cultural Gospel” by Dr. Richie Allen.

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