Linking International Needs with the Church’s Untapped Power

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LINC-UP Missions serves people groups in several locations throughout the world. Learn more about specific projects and locations here.

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Could the Gospel that we commonly proclaim in the US be labeled, “Made in America?”

Can the “Cultural Fence” encountered when we attempt to minister cross-culturally serve as a filter to help purify our Gospel presentation and return it to the powerful, supra-cultural Gospel of which the Apostle Paul was not ashamed? The answer to these and many other questions make Playing Both Sides of the Fence required reading for all who care to proclaim the Good News to the World.

A Word from Our Founder

Welcome to the online home of LINC-UP Missions!  LINC-UP is an acronym that stands for Linking International Needs with the Church’s Untapped Power.  We exist to plant churches among unreached people groups while mobilizing and equipping American churches for hands-on missions involvement where the Gospel is needed most.  Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our purpose and the resources we offer.  Feel free to Contact Us so that we can help you fulfill God’s purpose for you and your church family to reach the nations for His glory!

Project Living Water

Sickness due to impure water is the #1 global health risk based on impact to society.  Through Project Living Water, LINC-UP teams gain access to otherwise closed, unreached villages. LINC-UP’s primary purpose is to reach these villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while providing pure water.


Houses Per Village

US Dollars Per Filter

US Dollars To Supply Clean Drinking Water for the Entire Village

Project Living Water

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